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Write For INFOcrux

Who Should Write for INFOcrux and Why?
INFOcrux is a content network which presents professionals in various fields an opportunity to showcase their erudition. Sounds good? Is that something you would like to do? If yes, we want to hear from you. You should be an accomplished and qualified professional in your sphere of activity. Additionally, you should enjoy writing and developing a global following.

Is Writing for INFOcrux the Same as Writing For Other Online Portals?
Every content destination has its own unique flavor in this great medley that is the Internet. We require you to write a substantial number of articles, promote your articles, liaison with professionals worldwide and create a global awareness for your content. In short we are seeking someone who is proud of their writing and will proudly popularize their writing.

Will I Make Money Writing for INFOcrux?
The correct answer is YES, but we do not prefer to think of money as the primary reward of writing for INFOcrux. We will enter into a documented association with you, and provide detailed explanations of what you should expect from us. Having said that, we must repeat that writing for INFOcrux is not solely a money making opportunity. If you are seeking a career as a writer, there are other places in the Web that might be more suitable for you.

Will I Be an Employee of INFOcrux?
No. You will be a freelance contributor to the website.

Who Will Own the Copyright on the Content I Generate? Do I Have to Submit Content that Has Not Been Published Already?
All good questions. We will discuss these and other important issues with you once we receive your first email and our editorial team establishes your suitability as a freelance correspondent.

How Do I Contact You if I Want to Write For You?
At this point of time, we have launched our first author (Dr Dilip Ganguly), and have a dozen more in prep. So, we are not accepting any more applications. However, by late November 2005, we should start accepting applications again. Do check back.

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